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Clean and effective design

Reportcast's design is clean and elegant, complimenting your report without taking over from it. Controls are easy to recognise and use and the whole system is highly intuitive.

Fast loading

Using the newest technologies and techniques, Reportcast loads fast. Report pages are retrieved silently in the background to reduce loading times whilst not crippling investors on slower connections at all.

Easy to use

Reportcast is user friendly. It excels in allowing investors to interact with the page intuitively. You can drag pages to scroll around - just like you're used to - and can double click to zoom from any point, without having to point the mouse anywhere.

Simple controls

Just because Reportcast has a heap of features, doesn't mean investors need to use them. We've focused on keeping the most important actions - home/ previous/ next page and zoom in/ out - as easy and user friendly as possible.

Keeps focus on your report

Reportcast has been designed to focus viewers on the document. It puts all controls and features intuitively at your fingertips without making them the focus of the page.

ReportCast™ Interactive PDF Controls
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